What’s one of the things that sets Riverplace apart? Community.

When individuals become clients, they immediately feel like they’re part of the Riverplace family. Relationships are built, friendships are formed, and connections are created. We’re building community in a world that can feel very isolated and separated, and much of this community vibe is created within our housing platform.

High-Level Living

We believe living conditions are just as important as programming, and this is why we provide high-level accommodations at all of our properties. We have carefully crafted each living space with comfort and community in mind, and we feel these homes, coupled with our program offerings, are what truly set Riverplace apart and at the forefront of the recovery world.

We have 3 properties, each customized to fit the necessary level of care:

Riverplace Anoka Location

Anoka is the first phase in our continuum of care and is an intensive outpatient program with housing.

Riverplace Elk River Location

Elk River is the second phase in our continuum of care and offers more freedom and less structure.

Riverplace Champlin Location

Champlin is the third phase and offers the unique opportunity of housing with less program requirements.

Welcome Home

From weekend activities to our living and community spaces, we’re committed to making every part of Riverplace feel comfortable and welcoming – like you’re right at home.


Contact us today to learn how to find your place at Riverplace.