Addiction Recovery Team



Today, possibly more than ever before, there’s a move toward connecting our purpose to our work. We want significance, the feeling that we’re part of something bigger, and to know we’re making an impact. Joining our team at Riverplace can help you make this a reality.

Impact and Purpose

Everything we do at Riverplace focuses on impacting our clients’ lives. We walk alongside them in their treatment, support them in their recovery, and are part of their journey from surviving to thriving.

Connection and Community

Everyone wants to feel like they’re part of something meaningful when they go to work. They want to be part of a team, to be seen and heard, and to have their work add value. At Riverplace, connection and community are the foundations of our culture, and our employees experience this in unique ways daily.
Riverplace Employees

More Than Just An Employee

We know that every employee is a unique individual. With that in mind, we care for each employee as a person, supporting them in their life at work and outside of work. Our goal is to ensure our staff thrives in all areas of life, not just while they’re at Riverplace, and we work hard to make this happen.

At Riverplace, we’re changing lives.

Not only will the role you play change the lives of our clients, but it’ll change your life as well.


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